1. Faces are red in Hollywood after a mixup during the highest profile award at the Oscars -- best picture. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that frontrunner "La La Land" had won the prize, -- only for an organizer to interrupt mid-acceptance speeches to say that "Moonlight" was in fact the real winner. The cringe-worthy moment is in this video:
  2. Online, people speculated that Beatty was given the envelope for another category:
  3. Media scrambled to correct the Academy's error:
  4. Ryan Gosling, who starred in La La Land, which did not win, seemed to think the whole thing was pretty funny:
  5. And people on the Internet did too:
  6. Accounting firm PwC, which handles the envelopes, says it's very sorry this happened:
  7. The incident brought back memories of the last high-profile time when such a glaring error happened: when comedian Steve Harvey infamously announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant:
  8. The mistaken winner wasn't the only flub at the Oscars. The In Memoriam montage, which pays tribute to industry workers who have died this year, featured a photo of someone who was still alive instead of Australian costume designer Janet Patterson: