1. A first look at footage of the Franklin ship taken by Parks Canada
  2. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was recently in the area where the ship was discovered while on his annual trip to Canada's North, was at the centre of the story's release.
  3. Some criticized Harper's role in the story.
  4. A major element of online commentary has been the role the Inuit played in the search and discovery. Since 2008, Parks Canada has led six major searches for the lost Franklin ships, but many are saying the ship's final resting place had already been pinpointed by natives.
  5. Other strands to the story are emerging. The U.K.'s Guardian is asking its followers to guess which of Franklin's two ships had been found.
  6. The discovery itself harkens back to an era steeped in naval tradition and imperial history, prompting some to point to song and art as part of the story.
  7. For many, the discovery represented a combination of excitement and achievement: