1. The Canadian company that makes those stick-to-your teeth molasses candies for Halloween appears to have had enough of people hating on the 70-year-old recipe
  2. The maker of one of the most polarizing treats found in trick-or-treat bags is fighting back online against people who hate the candy with a passion that boils like zombie blood on Halloween night
  3. Kerr's also makes lollipops and jelly beans (which most people can legit agree upon as being tasty), and took offence at the first insults hurled its way this October:
  4. Then it switched to sad memes:
  5. Some people can't believe they were being singled out by the confectioners:
  6. Lately, companies such as Wendys have made news for starting flame wars with critics on Twitter. But Kerr's appears to be going the route of attracting more flies with molasses — not honey, and keeping the comments clean and sweet:
  7. It's flattering its defenders:
  8. After days of trolling, the company released this poll for people to share how they really feel: