Leafs fire GM Brian Burke

The Toronto Maple Leafs made a stunning move Wednesday, firing general manager Brian Burke just days before the regular season is expected to start. Reactions on social media have been swift, mixed, and downright funny.

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  1. The timing of the announcement came as a surprise not just to media, but to most fans too.
  2. Brian Burke out of a job with the Leafs! Never saw that one coming.
  3. Wow, Brian Burke(Maple Leafs GM) was fired today, big surprise there.
  4. After four dismal seasons helming the Leafs, it's not surprising Burke's departure generated a lot of high-fiving.
  5. Dear NHL owners; No one, please, no one, hire Brian Burke now that he is available. Worst guy in hockey right beside Betman. Best move EVER made by the maple leafs, and I'm the farthest thing from a leaf fan. And wtf is everyone SO surprised about??
  6. Faith for the Leafs restored! Peace out, Burke.
  7. Thank God the Maple Leafs got rid of Burke! The turn around starts NOW!
  8. But not all commenters saw the move as positive: