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Justin Trudeau wants Habs and Leafs fans to cheer for the Ottawa Senators


  1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is urging hockey fans to cheer for the Ottawa Senators, the only Canadian team that hasn't already been booted out of the NHL playoffs:
  2. "We're all happy to support Ottawa right now," Trudeau said, "and even Torontonians and Montrealers can agree on this particular one."
  3. But people on the Internet were quick to say no way. The Leafs and Habs are traditionally considered Ottawa's biggest enemies:
  4. Some said they'd sooner cheer for American teams than temporarily switch allegiances to their sports enemy and risk having their fan status for their regular team revoked:
  5. While this Sens fan said he didn't want their support anyway:
  6. There were a few who said they would cheer alongside the PM:
  7. And there were the usual folks who said there were more important things to worry about: