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Internet and cell outage in Atlantic Canada caused all kinds of hang-ups at airports and banks


  1. A massive outage of both Bell and Telus services in Atlantic Canada made it impossible for people to use everything from cellphones, to airports and credit cards. Bell says it had a "major service outage" Friday that affected internet, TV, and both cell and landlines, and Telus blamed a "possible fibre cut on Bell network." The outage also made some landline 911 service intermittent.
  2. The outage caused major problems at airports in the region:
  3. Banks either had to close...
  4. ...or let people in one by one:
  5. Emergency services provided different methods for people who need help to contact them:
  6. Many joked about going back to communication methods of yore:
  7. And then there's the people speculating on how to fix it: