Canadian victim of London terror attack inspires people to help

Messages of sorrow and condolence have been pouring in following the death of a Canadian woman who was killed in Saturday's terror attack in the heart of London.


  1. People on both sides of the pond are honouring the Canadian victim in the London terror attack by helping the homeless. B.C. woman Christine Archibald, 30, died after a speeding van plowed into a crowd of people on London Bridge. Before moving to England, Archibald had worked as a social worker at this homeless shelter in Calgary:
  2. In a statement, her family said they wish people would honour her by helping out in their community.
  3. The hashtag started when this person in the UK said they were donating money to a homeless shelter in Archibald's honour:
  4. People from both sides of the pond are using the hashtag on social media to say how Archibald's work inspired them:
  5. Some made donations:
  6. Others say they will volunteer their time:
  7. Organizations are already using the hashtag to advertise open volunteer positions.
  8. And other organizations are already saying thanks: