Amazing Race Canada - Golden Girls advance to finale

The Golden Girls reasserted their vise grip on "The Amazing Race Canada" right on time, running a dominant leg in the Maritimes to skate smoothly into this weekend's finale.


  1. Olympic hockey gold medallists Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson finished first for a stunning seventh leg on Tuesday, narrowly besting cheerfully frustrated best-friend duo Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz.
  2. Joining the hockey players and Mickey and Pete in Sunday's finale on CTV will be serendipity-kissed Vancouver bartenders Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard, a pair twice-saved by non-elimination legs who finally bested arch-rival sibling duo Sukhi and Jinder Atwal on Tuesday.

  3. That the entertaining Atwals were sent packing registered as at least a mild surprise, given that the Terrace, B.C., duo crossed Confederation Bridge from P.E.I. to New Brunswick riding high on wins in consecutive legs.
  4. All of the teams pooled their frustration over the finicky flag challenge. The differences between flags were minute and all four duos laboured to recognize the subtle flaws in their layouts. 
  5. The Atwals were slowed by the fact that they misplaced their clue sheet, which featured instructions on how to complete the challenge. After a frantic search, they campaigned the other teams for help. Openly lying, Mickey and Pete claimed they'd misplaced theirs too. Ryan and Rob didn't even feel the need to fib, given their naked disdain for the siblings. Meaghan and Natalie had recently conjured complaints of their own against the gritty tactics of the Atwals — specifically, a bit of goofy attempted misdirection in the previous leg — and yet, stone-faced Meaghan ultimately betrayed her soft centre by passing her clue to Jinder.
  6. So Mikkelson and Spooner find themselves in a familiar place — entering a pressure-packed, winner-take-all showdown — but perhaps without the familiar presence of a formidably dangerous rival. With $500,000 on the line, the pair likely won't need to search far for motivation regardless.