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Canadian Open Dialogue Forum: Day 2

A recap of the conversation around open data, open government and policymaking in the 21st century.


  1. The second day of the conference opened with a keynote address from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. She discussed the province's open government initiatives.
  2. Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board, said on the first day of the conference there was a need to attract more younger people into the public service. Premier Wynne also stated a need for a younger work force.
  3. Premier Wynne, said it's important not just to hire a younger public service, but keep that demographic in the province.
  4. Great question from the audience, who was mostly concerned about driving culture change in government.
  5. You can watch the full replay of Wynne's speech here:
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  7. After Wynne's speech, the conference was broken into pods for individual presentations.
  8. In the first pod, Edwin Lau of the OECD, Ann Pappert of the City of Guelph and Tobi Nussbaum spoke about open dialogue with the community at the municipal level.
  9. Nubbaum, a City of Ottawa councillor said it was important to reach out to constituents who aren't always able to come to meetings.