2020 Vision of Canada's Oceans Dialogue - Day 2 PM

The 2020 Vision Dialogue brings together major stakeholders in Canada's oceans to discuss how science can inform policy to maintain productive oceans that provide maximum benefits to Canadians.


  1. Last session: Path Forward – A Panel Discussion amongst scientists, politicians and conservationists with presentations from Robert Chisholm, Fin Donnelly, Dave Gillis, John Nightingale, David Wells, Bettia Saier and John Roff, and responses from Dialogue leaders: Julia Baum, Susanna Fuller, Richard Haedrich, Rashid Sumaila, Marjo Vierros, Amanda Vincent and Fred Whoriskey. 
  2. Robert Chisholm, Member of Parliament (MP), Government of Canada, Dartmouth, NS
    As a MP, it's all about policy – and making sure we make the right decisions, that decisions be evidence-based. Fisheries and oceans is not a priority, it's a niche. Because the people don't see our oceans as a priority, neither does the government.
  3. We need to engage the public, and we need to get the public on board, to understand that fisheries and oceans are important - Why are oceans important? Why should they care? How does the ocean affect them?
  4. What is the path forward? Engage Canadians at all levels to instill the importance of our oceans, understand how policy is made, set priorities, and work all oceans stakeholders and cross-disciplines . 
  5. Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament, Government of Canada, Coquitlam, BC
    There is urgent need to discuss how we develop our coastal economy, while accommodating needs of our marine ecosystem. 
  6. Need for better dialogue and engagement between government, industry and scientific community.
  7. See 2012 Ekos Polling 
  8. 2012 Ekos Polling