12 12 12

I think this will be the last day where there will be the same digits for 100 years. I probably won't live to see the next one so I will make a one day story on this :)


  1. Yay for the last repeating day. Glad they had someone to share it with.
  2. By the way, Today is also Wednesday. Just to be a bit more specific :)
  3. I think her name is Rita Ora. She is a new artist right now. Back on topic, it is interesting to see all the different people around the world celebrating this day. Like an early new years.
  4. #last#until#next#century#happy#121212#followme!!
  5. 12-12-2012 - Just Another Day NASA
  6. 12.12.12 once in a Millennium. #121212
    12.12.12 once in a Millennium. #121212
  7. 12 tons de 12. #121212 #december
    12 tons de 12. #121212 #december
  8. There are a lot of beautiful pictures of people celebrating this date. 
  9. 12/12/12 às 12h12. Fizeram seus pedidos? 🍀
    12/12/12 às 12h12. Fizeram seus pedidos? 🍀
  10. wish I had remembered to celebrate with my dog :( I went to sleep last night for work in the morning. 
  11. Kind of wish I was in NYC for this but....I don't want to get any colder than I am now.