Final Project

For my final project I decided to make bracelets with the hashtag OurChangingClimate that we have been using throughout the quarter.

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  1. The inspiration for my project and my bracelet idea requires a little bit of backstory. Back in 2012 I went to see a screening of the movie "Wampler's Ascent" which documents Stephen Wamplers journey up the rock face of El Capitan. Mr. Wampler has severe cerebral palsy and became the first person with a disability to scale the rock face, he did this in order to bring global attention to a charity that allows children with disabilities to experience outdoor adventure camps. At the screening I got a bracelet that says "Rock on, Steve" which I have worn for several years now. I am not exaggerating when I say I get questions about what the bracelet means all the time, and as a result I am able to have conversations with people about the Wampler Foundation and what cerebral palsy is. For my project I wanted to see if I could recreate my experience with a bracelet about climate change.
  2. My initial idea was to have the design printed by a company, but after doing some research to see if any companies were environmentally friendly, I decided to make the bracelets myself. I first got green ribbon and a fabric marker, however the ink bled through the ribbon so I had to find another way to make the bracelets. After some searching through my sisters old craft supplies, I found tiny lettering stamps that were the perfect size for the ribbon.
  3. After making the bracelets I distributed them to some of my friends that were home for thanksgiving. When I gave them the bracelets I just asked them to tell me if anyone asked them what it meant and if they had any conversations about it. Before I sent them off with this task I told them about what we had been talking about in class. Specifically about how important it is to talk about climate change in a more personal and small perspective. We need to make the human connection in order to combat the apathy that has surrounded climate change for so long.
  4. With this project I was not only able to get creative in making the bracelet, but I was able to tell some of my friends about what we have been discussing in class. My hope now is that these bracelets will give them the opportunity to talk with more people about our changing climate.
  5. Two people holding globe in raised hands against white background,close-up
    Two people holding globe in raised hands against white background,close-up