Why Do We Do History in Public?

On March 5 from 3-5pm, Cambridge DHP hosted a twitter chat to discuss public history. Twitterstorians responded with their thoughts and experiences on why we do what we do, why we do it in public, and what impact social media has on us as historians.


  1. Our valiant team was ready and waiting for the discussion to begin...
  2. Question 1. Why does the study of history benefit from being played out in a public arena?
  3. The discussion of history in public sparked debate on the role of history in politics and policy-making. Should historians have a voice in political debates? 
  4. Historians' specialized approach drew comparisons with the more collaborative approach to research applied in the sciences.
  5. Question 2. What tools can the historian use to share their work with the public? This question received lots of suggestions!