Helping Researchers Publish 2: sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics

Wednesday 08 February 2017, Betty and Gordon Moore Library, Cambridge


  1. The second in the Office of Scholarly Communication's series exploring resources to help with the process of publishing your research in STEM disciplines - from recording observations to editing to peer review.

  2. This session offered the chance to learn about available tools and options in publishing and reviewing, and ask questions of the experts.
  3. The presentations addressed:

  4. - returning scientific publishing to the scientists: innovative approaches to publishing and peer-reviewing single observations (Laurence Rajendran, ScienceMatters)
    - post publication peer review, open peer review and preprints (Nikolaus Kriegeskorte)
    using collaborative writing tools for your papers (Overleaf)
    - peer review FAQs (Jennifer Wright, CUP)
    - connecting active research management and research publishing (Nigel Goddard, Research Space)
    - peer review and the benefits of openness (Tom Culley, Publons)
  5. Thanks to Overleaf, Publons and Research Space for their sponsorship of this event.