US Christian Fascism Guide: Why Conservative Christians Reject Universal Healthcare

Part of a series of tweetstorms meant to help you understand Christian Right ideology, which is ascendant under Trumpism. Far from sidelining the Christian Right, Trumpism is its culmination - an unholy marriage of unbridled crony capitalism and paternalistic dominionism.


  1. The Christian Right is ascendant in Trumpism. It has therefore never been more critical to understand its toxic ideology.
  2. Some people are genuinely confused by why Christians of any kind would want to repeal Obamacare and why they may reject state-guaranteed healthcare at all. Having noticed a tweet from @CaseyLouis31 about "Trumpcare" meaning "only rich white people get to see the doctor," I responded with some snark.
  3. I then realized, however, that my snarky comment should probably be explained. And produced the following tweetstorm.