Consumer Union's weekly Balance Billing Weigh-in

Surprise Medical Bills can leave consumers in a lurch - just when they think their insurance had them covered.


  1. We can't stop talking about Balance Billing, Surprise Medical Bills, and what they do to our pocket books! Here's a redux on what you may have missed the last few weeks, including some major action in the Texas Legislature.
  2. That's right, we've teamed up with Center for Public Policy Priorities Texas, Texas AARP and Multiple Sclerosis Society to turn this issue around at the Capitol. Thanks @oliveroliver for the shoutout!
  3. March 24th we went to the capital. Michael from Grapevine joined us to share his story about surprise anesthesia bills following an appendectomy.
    Far Right, Consumers Union Senior Associate Blake Hutson
  4. Comment from Bill Hammond, Texas Association of Business.
  5. SB 481 passed out of a Senate committee with a 6-1 vote. The bill has moved to the full Senate.
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