Higher Ed in the Crosshairs Symposium

Participants talk about threats, values, and the impact of excellent teaching.

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  1. Higher Ed in the Crosshairs:  Can Excellent Teaching Save the University was a half-day symposium sponsored by SMU's Center for Teaching Excellence. Why should anyone come?  The case was made in this Xtranormal video.
  2. Higher Ed in the Crosshairs
  3. The symposium schedule is at smu.edu/Provost/CTE/Event
    People began to discuss the issues on the eve of the program.
  4. Let the symposium begin . . .
  5. First luncheon speaker:  Dean Al Niemi of the Cox School of Business presents "Valuing Higher Education."  You can access his slides at smu.edu/Provost/CTE/Event
  6. Second luncheon speaker:  Dean Bill Tsutsui presents a spirited case for liberal arts education in "Preserving the American Character through Liberal Education."