Cal State East Bay bids farewell to Warren Hall after 40 years

The tributes and coverage continue flowing in following the Aug. 17 demolition of the 13-story, hilltop tower on the university's Hayward Campus.

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  1. View the demolition of the 13-story tower from several angles, as filmed and posted on You Tube by Controlled Demolition Inc., the subcontractor that handled the implosion of Warren Hall. (Scroll to the bottom to see a sampling of the many You Tube videos of the implosion of Warren Hall posted by community members.)
  2. Warren Hall @ California State East Bay Campus - Controlled Demolition, Inc.
  3. .: now it's gone :( pues no'más estabas de adorno pero I miss you already Warren Hall!:. #CSUEB #WarrenHall
  4. it feels reaaaally weird not seeing Warren Hall standing there... pretty sad too #csueb #calstate #eastbay #missthatbuildingalready #warrenhall
  5. Students, alumni and friends of Cal State East Bay have posted 295 photos and many comments expressing affection for and sharing anecdotes about Warren Hall on the university Facebook page. A few lucky souls even met their future spouses at Warren Hall. Check out the album online or browse the CSUEB Facebook page for tributes such as the cartoon below by Irene Lu.
  6. Don't Forget! There's a viewing this Saturday ...
  7. Pioneers and area residents had a front row seat to the implosion. Read CSUEB's coverage, including comments from alumni and community supporters of the university.
  8. Cal State East Bay's planned implosion of 40-year-old administrative building Warren Hall and a related seismic research experiment briefly became the epicenter of media focus, featuring reports by national and international networks, newspapers and new media outlets.
  9. Bay Area media outlets demonstrated strong interest in covering the change to the East Bay landscape.