"Lucky to be alive" in K.C. after chimney fire

A social media user chronicled her devastating experience with being displaced by a residential fire this week. Thank goodness she had a working smoke detector and was uninjured.


  1. Here was the update on Facebook: "Ok y'all, here's the update - the fire was started by a faulty flue lining in the chimney of the fireplace - after I put out the fire, some embers escaped and started the fire in the walls and ceilings-when I woke up to per (lol), I noticed it was kind of smokey (I was like"damn, I put that fire out 6 hours ago) - when I looked in my closet, I saw orange - when I felt my wall, it was hot, so I threw on some clothes, grabbed purse and phone, got the hell outta there and called 911. Between my weak bladder, smoke detector, and the quick response of the KCFD, and the grace of God, I lived!! So a heads up - when they say check your smoke detectors twice a year DO IT - that's the main reason you are reading this post and not attending a memorial service for me....... THANK YOU ALL for the love...you know me - I bend, but never break...... peace..."
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