CPD Goes to Oxford for 2nd Annual Doctoral Conference

Check out key moments from the CPD-Oxford Doctoral Conference on Digital and Public Diplomacy.

  1. Panel 1: New Approaches in Cultural Diplomacy

  2. Chair: Jay Wang (University of Southern California)
    Discussant: Fiona McConnell (University of Oxford)

  3. Speakers:
  4. Storytelling as an Engagement Strategy: Key Influencers in Online Educational and Cultural Exchange Communities
    Kyung Sun (Karen) Lee (University of Texas at Austin)
    The Pope’s Touchdown: Digital Diplomacy in the Vatican
    Amanda Rodríguez Espínola (University of Colorado Boulder)
    De-Centering Europe in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: A Dialogue-based Public Diplomacy Approach to Civil Society Engagement
    Andrea Pavón-Guinea (University of Navarra)
    Public Diplomacy Performance and Innovation In the Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
    Anastasija Baranovska (Latvian Academy of Culture)

  5. Panel 2: Public Diplomacy in Times of Crisis

  6. Chair: Corneliu Bjola (University of Oxford)
    Discussant: Tristen Naylor (University of Oxford)

  7. Speakers:
  8. The Ukraine Crisis as an Unintended Consequence of the EU’s Public Diplomacy
    Molly Krasnodębska (University of Cambridge)
    The Iconic FCO - On the Use of Images in British Strategic Narratives
    Ilan Manor (University of Oxford)
    The Use of Public Diplomacy and Digital Diplomacy by Companies as Part of Business Diplomacy
    Shaun Riordan (University of Antwerp)
    Measuring Effectiveness in Digital Diplomacy Initiatives: The Case of NATO’s Return to Hope
    Kalin Kalinov (Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”)

  9. Panel 3: Non-Western Approaches to Public Diplomacy

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