1. (Saturday, April 16th) - During a Tampa Bay Rays game Saturday, a fan was hit with a foul ball while attending at Tropicana Field. The fan was hospitalized in stable conditition after being struck during the a game between the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays.
  2. Rays designated hitter, Steven Souza Jr., had hit the foul ball in the seventh inning Friday. The woman victimazied by this foul ball was sitting in the lower seats. Closest to the Tampa Bay's dugout in hopes to watch a good game. After seeing what had happened to the fan, Souza went into the stands to check on her and said the ball hit her near the eye.
  3. MLB Fan Hit by Foul Ball
  4. According to espn.go.com, "The ball went through a small gap in the protective netting behind an area for photographers. Stadium workers were on the field Saturday adjusting the netting on both the first and third base sides."
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  6. "After several fans were hurt by broken bats and foul balls last year, MLB announced in December recommendations to extend safety netting at its ballparks to the ends of both dugouts and anywhere within 70 feet of home plate." (Espn.go.com)
  7. Foul balls are a serious issue in the MLB. According to the nytimes.com, "while baseball is largely protected from lawsuits by what’s called the assumption-of-risk doctrine — the fine print on the back of a ticket tells fans that they alone bear the risk of being hurt at the ballpark — there has been a series of horrendous injuries in recent years that have gotten a lot of publicity and have alarmed Major League Baseball."
  8. With the rise of stronger and more dedicated players, comes the rise of risk at ball games. Explosive bats and closer seats have changed the experience of attending a baseball game. Baseball has become more dangerous. Fans need to realize that the game of baseball has changed in a spectators sense. All MLB teams need to take the steps towards a safer experience.
  9. By: Katie O'Brien