Conor Mcgregor tweets early Retirement

UFC champion Conor McGregor tweets he will be retiring young from UFC


  1. What seemed like a joke Tuesday has been confirmed reality as Conor McGregor announced his retirement on twitter last night.
  2. What seemed to be a joke from the Featherweight champ slowly began to become a reality as the day progressed.
  3. Reasoning began to become more clear when Dana White removed him from the UFC 200 card, the biggest fight of the year.
  4. When McGregor declined to attend a promotional event in Las Vegas due to his training in Iceland, he was removed the card.
  5. Fans speculated the retirement was in response to a contract dispute over compensation.
  6. Others speculated over his tweet about the young fighter who died in a fight recently.
  7. Overall the fans and fighters alike shared different reactions to the news, including his UFC 200 opponent Nate Diaz
  8. Although Nate was joking others didn't take to kindly to the news
  9. However many believe that this is only temporary.
  10. If it is indeed it is permanent, the fans will be sad to see him go and the UFC will miss their biggest promoter but will have to appreciate his career while it lasted.