Volunteers' Week

How the Countess marked Volunteers' Week, which ran from 1-12 June, on social media.


  1. The Meet & Greet team welcome people into the hospital and help direct them to wherever they need to be.
  2. Former local government officer Mike is a popular member of the team, having been volunteering at the Countess for just over a year. He enjoys talking to new people and socialising with the other volunteers.
  3. Carole started around the same time as Mike and her infectious charisma has made a real difference. Carole's son actually signed her up for volunteering after spotting that she needed something new to occupy her time but once she started she was more than happy to carry on.
  4. Brian, a retired data warehouse consultant, says working as a Chaplaincy Volunteer at the hospital gives him the chance to meet a variety of special people. He finds it incredibly rewarding providing a listening ear and some encouragement when it is most needed.
  5. Shirley has been a Chaplaincy Volunteer for four years. She decided to give up her free time after her own experiences made her realise how having someone with the time to talk things through can provide real comfort in tough situations.
  6. Volunteers make a priceless contribution to the Fundraising department's many Babygrow Appeal events.
  7. Former admin worker Sue has been helping staff in the on-site Macmillan Centre for five years. Her dedication, passion and commitment during that time led to national recognition recently when she won Macmillan's Deborah Hutton Award.
  8. Morag, who works as a supply teacher and also volunteers for Macmillan Fundraising, primarily meets and greets visitors to the Macmillan Centre. She finds that the listening skills she has honed working in schools over the years encourage more people to open up about their feelings.
  9. The Bosom Buddies team pop on to the ward whenever they can to offer new mums advice about breastfeeding. Many of them are mothers themselves so they just take whatever free time they can to help out on a casual basis.