#FabChangeDay countdown

31 of the best thoughts from people who have just completed a #DementiaDO awareness session


  1. At the end of every #DementiaDO awareness session, memory nurse Andy Tysoe asks all those in attendance to jot down the message they will take home and think about going forward. If you haven't yet experienced how powerful and thought-provoking these sessions can be, you can read our blog to get a better idea.
  2. With #DementiaDO becoming a #FabChangeDay campaign this year, Andy decided to count down to the big day by sharing some of the most poignant post-its he has received in three years of running the sessions.
  3. We've collected Andy's tweets so you can glance through them and get a flavour for the immense impact #DementiaDO can have.
  4. Andy kicked off his countdown with Chris Roberts and his wife Jayne's post-its after their #DementiaDO experience. Chris, who has early onset Alzheimer's, has been a friend of Andy's for a while and he is giving a special presentation as part of the Countess' #FabChangeDay activities.