A look back at #FabChangeDay2016 which scored the highest engagement on Twitter the Countess has seen in a single day


  1. With a host of #FabChangeDay activities throughout the day it often seemed a bit like Mission Impossible and the day had a finale Tom Cruise might have been proud of himself as Roy Lilley and the Academy of Fab Stuff paid us a flying visit...
  2. Roy and his team visited four Trusts by Fabcopter on the day and we were the final stop of the aerial tour, but more about that later...
  3. The Trust began counting down to the nationwide event by posting a flyer outlining the various events taking place. Read on through our tweets to see coverage of each part of the day - culminating in the all-action finale!
  4. Dr Theresa Porrett, from the Academy of Fabulous Stuff, was particularly impressed by the way the Trust had planned to celebrate innovation in the NHS.
  5. Estates project manager Kevin Higham got in early with his pledge to support people living with dementia, dying his hair to raise money for the occasion.
  6. Memory nurse Andy Tysoe (aka @dementiaboy) played a key role in the Countess' activities on the day and he kicked off our social media activity on the day by making his pledge. Andy's promise heralds the next phase of his #DementiaDO campaign, with getting rid of the EMI (elderly mentally infirm) label his next priority.
  7. You can find out more about Andy's efforts in another one of our Storify posts here.
  8. The day began with a randomised coffee trial, encouraging staff to get together with people they might never have spoken to before to get an insight into different innovations throughout the Trust.
  9. Anticipation was high ahead of a talk from Chris Roberts, who is living with dementia, and his wife Jayne. They were our key guest speakers in the afternoon and we prepared for his arrival by putting posters from the #dementiawords campaign all around the Trust.