1. 1) Miss South Carolina Teen USA's interesting theories on maps and education

  2. Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question
  3. There are probably a lot of reasons why a fifth of Americans can't find their own country on a world map, but when put on the spot, Miss South Carolina Teen USA struggled to come up with a coherent possibility. Lauren Caitlin Upton’s response during Miss Teen USA 2007 starts out OK but quickly drifts off into a very awkward, and very unfortunate ramble about maps and education in South Africa for some reason.
  4. 2) The Miss Universe contestant with the really cringe-worthy case of tongue-tied-ness

  5. Miss Universe Question Fail.
  6. Jesinta Campbell went on to win the title of Miss Universe Australia 2010, despite her pretty gnarly flub while trying to answer a question about skin cancer awareness in one of the early rounds. Definitely not as bad as other flubs on this list. The crowd was supportive and cheered her on, and she seemed to regain her composure after a few seconds of very uncomfortable dead air.
  7. 3) Miss Utah's very confusing views on the wage gap between men and women

  8. Here's another rough answer from just a few days ago to a big question facing society. Miss Utah was asked about why she thinks women still make less than men in the same jobs. Marissa Powell's response is pretty confusing. But she definitely took the brain fart with grace and in the end she almost comes up with something resembling an answer.
  9. 4) The time that Miss Minnesota was stumped by affirmative action

  10. Miss USA 1995- Judges' Questions
  11. To be fair, it was a hard question. Affirmative action is fraught political territory, and this contestant seems to have gotten lost in the wilderness. Skip to 2:50 to see the expression that creeps across the face of Miss Minnesota Angelique de Maison.

  12. 5) That time the wrong winner was announced on 'Australia's Next Top Model'

  13. Australia's Next Top Model wrong winner announced
  14. This is, without a doubt, one of the more awkward videos that exists on the Internet. During a live broadcast of the 2010 finale of Australia’s Next Top Model, presenter Sarah Murdoch announced a winner, only to reveal, after the confetti had fallen, while the two contestants were still on stage, that there had been a glitch. The clip is very, very hard to get through.
  15. 6) Last year's Miss Venezuela who, uh, said, uh, this

  16. What did Miss Venezuela from Miss Universe 2012 say?
  17. Granted, English might be Miss Venezuela’s second language, but that still doesn’t explain how Irene Sofia Esser Quintero's answer about creating new laws turned into a metaphor about surfing during Miss Universe 2012.
  18. 7) The 'America's Next Top Model' contestant who should have taken a deep breath before walking the runway

  19. America's Next Top Model Runway Fail
  20. This one is just one of those clips you have to watch.
  21. 8) The time Miss Alabama struggled to explain her views on detainee policies in Iraq

  22. Miss Alabama Pageant Contestant/ Interview Hilarious
  23. Miss Alabama 2007 contestant Jennifer Gilbert confidently discussed ways to deal with child abuse. Then she was asked who should be held accountable for the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in Iraq. The dead air before her answer is pretty awkward, but her answer is even more awkward.
  24. 9) And lastly, most awkward of all, the pageant that introduced the world to … Honey Boo Boo