Superstorm Sandy on Instagram

As Superstorm Sandy barreled toward (and later across) the northeast U.S. on Monday, social networks lit up with photos of the storm's effects.

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  1. Here are some of the most captivating snapshots from Instagram, the 2-year-old mobile photo sharing service that's well outgrown its reputation for stylized photos of cats and food. These all depict a real news event, albeit an ever-so-slightly more stylish rendering than what we're probably used to.

    Note that some of these photos likely include filters, which are a feature of the Instagram app that adds a stylized look to the photos. Traditional photojournalism, of course, does not include filters. If those are the photos you're interested in seeing, you can find many of them on

    CNN is featuring several of these photos in its Open Story about Hurricane Sandy (not to mention all over TV and If you're an Instagram user and you have images to add -- or if you spot something newsworthy for the next big event -- tag your photo #cnnireport and the CNN team will check it out.

  2. please be kind to us, #sandy i hope everyone is staying safe and sound.
  3. Liz Eswein, whose Instagram account has more than 485K followers, says she hopes for the best ahead of landfall ... 
  4. ... while others like Titi Yu (@iamyuttie on Instagram) headed to the shore.
  5. Friends Timothy McGurr (who goes by @13thwitness on Instagram) and Chris Ozer brave the wind, rain and waves to get the shot.
  6. And the lights go out in the Village.
  7. As Sandy made landfall, part of the city began to lose power.
  8. 14th St Transformer exploding across the river from us. #sandy
  9. Jane's carousel is basically an island now. Poor horses.
  10. Ana Andjelic and Brian Morrissey share this stunning image of storm surge in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  11. Virb founder Brad Smith snapped images from the East Village as the lights went out.
  12. Power's off in the area but the Empire State Building lights are on
  13. The top of the Empire State Building stayed lit in this image by Sharon Feder, COO of Mashable.
  14. Tim Pepin spotted a partially submerged taxi in the flooding Sandy left behind.
  15. Did you take a photo that should be here? Tag it #cnnireport and the CNN team will check it out.