More than words from the VP debate

The vice presidential debate on Thursday night was full of facts and claims and sometimes tense exchanges about policy. But it was also full of outsized facial expressions from candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, who reacted to one another's statements with a whole lot more than words.

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  1. Here, dear readers, are some of our favorite split-screen (and sometimes toothy) close-ups, brought to you as animated GIFs. (Of course, if the policy and substance of the conversation is what you're after, CNN has that in spades over here.)

  2. Biden did a lot of grinning, sometimes at points that didn't seem quite appropriate for what was being discussed. Like in this moment, when he's laughing off Ryan's criticism of the Obama administration for its handling of the recent terrorist attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya.

  3. Biden reacts as Ryan insists that Iran is closer now to having a nuclear weapon than it was four years ago, blaming the administration for allowing that to happen.

  4. Biden's expressions shifted from what looked like seriousness to laughter and sometimes bewilderment during the debate.

  5. Ryan rolls his eyes as Biden responds to a question about reforming Medicare for senior citizens.

  6. Biden and Ryan duke it out with side-long glances and head turns while debating tax reform.

  7. Any favorite moments we're missing? Captions that are just begging to be written? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @cnnireport. We're all ears.