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Jim Lehrer, the silent moderator

Jim Lehrer is the executive editor and former PBS NewHour anchor. During the first 2012 presidential debate in Denver Lehrer appeared to lose control of the time clock and the candidates, finally admitting near the end that he had done a "poor job."


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  3. ROMNEY: Jim, the president began this segment, so I think I get the last word. (CROSSTALK) LEHRER: Well, you're going to get the first word in the next segment. ROMNEY: All right. Well, but he gets the first word of that segment. I get the last word (inaudible) I hope. Let me just make this comment. (CROSSTALK) ROMNEY: I think first of all, let me -- let me repeat -- let me repeat what I said. I'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. 
  4. OBAMA: ... talked about Medicaid and how we could send it back to the states, but effectively this means a 30 percent cut in the primary program we help for seniors who are in nursing homes, for kids who are with disabilities. LEHRER: Mr. President, I'm sorry. OBAMA: And -- and that is not a right strategy for us to move forward. LEHRER: Way over the two minutes. OBAMA: Sorry. 
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