Inside Clackamas Town Center Mall

On Tuesday, December 11, several people were injured when a male suspect allegedly entered the Clackamas Town Center and began firing. At least three people are believed dead, including the suspect.

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  1. Oregon mall shooting: At least three people, including the shooter, were killed in the Clackamas Town Center mall shooting tonight. @chaloopa_batman captured this photo and others outside the mall. If you're there, please share your view if it is safe to do so. #cnnireport #clackamastowncenter
  2. I was in the mall when this happened. I was downstairs near Santa. 12+ shots fired. Seemed to be upstairs. I left through Barnes and noble.
  3. Currently locked in nordstroms. Anyone have any updates? Heard he shot himself, heard he's still on the loose, etc.
  4. I work at See's. This was right above me. Thank god there were only two customers in the shop at the time. We all ran for the back and locked ourselves in the bathroom.