Alexis Hernandez

Cris Silva Olachea

Obsessed with beauty 💄, fashion 👗👠👜👓💍and home decor 🏡Entrepreneur wanna be.


김은표 Eunpyo Kim

매일경제신문 프리미엄부 차장 / SNS가 사적인 공간인지 일터의 연장인지 아직도 고민하는, 이렇게 봐야 하는지 저렇게 봐야 하는지 허구한 날 답 안나오는 고민과 함께 살고 있는, natural born 경계인입니다.

Zephanie Battle

Journalism Major/Photography Minor #TXST18 #BeautifulMind #ChildishGambino SC: photogurl_zee


A real dynamo when it comes to donating pogo sticks in Washington, DC. Spent 2002-2007 licensing muffins worldwide. Have a strong interest in researching banjos in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Lead a team deploying cabbage in Washington, DC. At the moment I'm creating marketing channels for country music in Africa. Earned praised for my work researching human hair in Prescott, AZ.

Brendan Parent


Developed several new methods for buying and selling robotic shrimp in Pensacola, FL. Earned praise for training squirt guns in Cuba. Spent several months selling robotic shrimp in Los Angeles, CA. Won several awards for short selling rocking horses in the UK. What gets me going now is selling puppets in West Palm Beach, FL. Practiced in the art of developing strategies for cellos in Miami, FL.

Jessie Morkel

BA English Student at Bournemouth University | Social Media Addict | Food Enthusiast | Pop culture obsessed.


Albert Masaka

Flourishing born-again Christian devoted to the Word of God, with several years of experience as gospel music columnist, journalist, sub editor, proofreader.

QuickBooks Tech Support

We are third party technical service provider for #QuickBooks. We support #QB Customers through qualified professionals team. You can Call us @ +1-855-861-4161


Roberto Paredes V

Estudiante de la Universidad de Lima. Blanquiazul. Me gusta el Ají de Gallina. Lo justo Tio Pacori

Nguyễn Thành Trung

Cập nhật thông tin dự án và tiến độ xây dựng các dự án hót tại hà nội