Student of MA in International Relations, creative writer, bookworm, cat whisperer, aspiring novelist, accidental chocolatier

Jessie Davis




Realtor, Mom, Wife, Author, blogger, jack of all trades. https://t.co/D4LfiG8Amg


Traditional Catholic. Retired teacher, Loves to write stories on Storify. Hobbies: Saving souls from Purgatory, Daily Rosary, Mass & Chaplets of Divine Mercy, Praying, Walking, Listening to music, Reading, JesusLover, Computer addict. With Jesus & Mary, to save as many souls as possible for Heaven.

So He made it again

I'm a project in God's hands,He lives in me.


Had moderate success short selling glue in the aftermarket. My current pet project is managing human brains in Atlantic City, NJ. Once had a dream of deploying xylophones in Orlando, FL. Had moderate success marketing jump ropes in Los Angeles, CA. Spoke at an international conference about working with cabbage in Nigeria. At the moment I'm creating marketing channels for rubik's cubes in Mexico.

Torque Tester

Five programmable torque presets stored in memory enable the user to check frequently used values.

Thabang D Lemena

Love Me or hate Me it does not matter God loves Me

Silvia Helena

Intellectual property geek. Cat mom. Secretaria General Adjunta del Partido Liberal Progresista. Feminista loca. @liberalcr #SoyLiberal

Masoud Dalvand

I am a blogger who advocate freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran. https://t.co/RMjPAa9ixO https://t.co/qzIdaG5GNT

John A. Stewart

I'm a @SoftwareAG corporate story-teller. Love sports (Rugby & Hockey); Co-created 3 wonderful boys. A Brit turned Yank living in the US.

Manogna Kalyani

I believe that a little hope can fuel a million dreams. What does that tell you about me?

Nhật Minh