María Lavado S

Porque Aunque Este Triste Siempre Sonreiré! :) ♥

Michele Cooley

AP English Language teacher at Homewood High School. Patriot Pride sponsor. Voracious reader. Wife. Soccer mom of three boys. Lover of all things LSU.

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trabajo como vendedor, estudio en la universidad de buenos aires, en mi tiempo libre me encanta viajar.

Daily Voice journalist, short, luvz fast-food and sweet stuf, curious and luvz adventure,mom of a cute Lil boy and another on the way

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Windi World Daily

The host, @WindiWashington will explore the daily world of #Hollywood's most #trendingtopics and #celebrities in #entertainment, #fashion, #beauty & #lifestyle.

Trọng Huỳnh

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linda smith

Ian Bessarabia

Proud husband and father.Passionate about blockchain & innovation. Committed to making a positive difference. This is my personal profile, opinions are my own.

beatriz baldeon

estudiante,de buen diente y desempleada


Prior to my current job I was managing junk bonds in Africa. Won several awards for training pogo sticks in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Spent 2001-2007 buying and selling spit-takes on the black market. Prior to my current job I was supervising the production of spit-takes in Naples, FL. Prior to my current job I was exporting puppets for the underprivileged. Spent childhood importing easy-bake-ovens in Cuba.

Kimberly Garrett

Living life content and on purpose!