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So many of images of the storm are coming from people living through it. CNN is monitoring social media and actively curating the most powerful and telling images of the storm. We'll be putting them here, if you have images or video to add please upload to

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  1. Jeff Klein shot this eerie image while walking the streets at 1 a.m. in South Norwalk, CT. 
  2. Downed power lines outside a home in Astoria, NY begin sparking badly as the wind continues to blow. This video ran on CNN's morning programs, Starting Point and Early Start on Tuesday morning.
  3. Hurricane Sandy - 10/30/12, 2:30 AM, Astoria, Queens: Power Poles exploding
  4. The following three photos were posted to the Metropolitan Transit Authority Flickr page. They have been posting photos since the announcement New York City's transit system would be shut down.
  5. Staten Island Railway's Clifton Shop After Sandy
  6. Floodwaters enter Hugh L. Carey Tunnel
  7. Boat On Tracks At Ossining
  8. This video was shot by The National Guard as they searched the New Jersey coastline for survivors in one of the hardest hit areas. 
  9. Aerial View of New Jersey Coast Line After Hurricane Sandy from the National Guard
  10. Jet Blue airlines shared images of flooding at La Guardia airport on Tuesday morning. The images, from the NY Port Authority, illustrate the trouble airports around the region are facing.
  11. Instagram users were asked to tag photos with #CNNiReport to grant CNN permission to use their photos. Note that some of these photos likely include filters, which are a feature of the Instagram app that adds a stylized look to the photos. Traditional photojournalism, of course, does not include filters. If those are the photos you're interested in seeing, you can find many of them on
  12. Hurricane Sandy shows her power, even in Chicago on Lake Michigan.
  13. Horseneck Road in Montville you have got to be kidding me
  14. Trees caused major damage to vehicles and homes as the winds and rain forced them to topple. 
  15. U know insurance gona try to duck this... Smh. #TotalLoss #Sandy #1029 #CNNIReport #TheAftermath #TreeDown
  16. More from iReport here:
  17. Twitter user @cjdew67 urged all to pray for the town of Rockaway, NJ and all on the East coast.