1. 1) Zach Braff emcees Matt's YouTube wedding proposal

  2. Zach Braff helps me propose to my girlfriend
  3. This summer, Matt contacted Zach Braff through Kickstarter and asked the Scrubs actor to use his star power to propose to Janice. As you can see, Janice couldn't refuse after she saw Matt's touching video.
  4. 2) Tim asks his partner Bennie to marry him with the help of a Beyoncé flash mob

  5. SF Flashmob Proposal in the Castro - Bennie and Tim 2013
  6. Tim and Bennie were walking through San Francisco in April when they came across a group of people dancing to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies." That's when the dancers pulled Bennie into the mob only to reveal Tim on one knee, asking him to marry him. Put a ring on it, he did.

  7. 3) Justin uses Tumblr community to ask Marissa to marry him

  8. Marissa, will you marry me?
  9. In 2009, Tumblr was a lot smaller than it is today, but it was still a pretty massive community. So Justin Johnson decided to take out some ad space at the top of his favorite blogging network to let his girlfriend know that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After the touching public display of affection, Marissa Nystrom obviously said yes.

  10. 4) Fake movie trailer proposal knocks Ginny off her feet

  11. Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!
  12. Matt asked Ginny to go see "Fast Five" with him when it came out in 2011. She wasn't particularly excited about it, but went along anyway. When the lights went down though, she started to notice that this wasn't your typical movie screening. Instead, Matt had prepared a cinematic trailer that culminated in him asking Ginny to marry him. Try not to cry watching it.

  13. 5) Ted uses an episode of Scrubs to propose to Anna

  14. Ted and Anna get engaged on the set of Scrubs
  15. Further proof that Zach Braff is wedding proposal gold. This proposal in 2007 took place during the filming of an episode of Scrubs. Everything seems a lot more romantic when it’s read by your favorite goofy TV doctor.
  16. 6) TV traffic reporter does a news package on girl he wants to marry

  17. In 2007, WLWT News 5 traffic reporter Pete Scalia decided to ask his girlfriend Amy Storer to marry him the only way he knew how, with a very informative, and adorable, news package dedicated to how much he loved her.
  18. 7) Biker gang shuts down a freeway in the name of love

  19. The 10 Freeway Burnout and Marriage Proposal
  20. Hector “Tank” Martinez used a biker gang to shut down one of the busiest highways in Los Angeles in January so he could propose to his girlfriend Paige. Tank gathered all of their family members on an overpass and loaded the bikes with pink smoke. The result was a touching and sweet proposal that is, also, one of the dude-li-est things you’ll ever see.
  21. 8) Jeff lets his graffiti mural do the talking

  22. The World's Most Creative Marriage Proposal? A Graffiti Mural Time Lapse.
  23. Jeff Gurwin wanted to put together something really special to ask Caitlin Fitzsimons to marry him in 2011. So he commissioned a mural in New York's East Village. The timelapse video of the whole thing being put together is as beautiful as it is romantic.
  24. 9) Robert’s amazing Rube Goldberg machine that popped the question for him