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5 ways the internet welcomed Hillary Clinton to Twitter


  1. 1) First things first, we have to talk about her bio.

  2. You know you have a commendable bio when the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, comments on it:
  3. Particularly of note, her lighthearted shout-out to her oft-ridiculed choice of pantsuits.
  4. And, it’s pretty hard to argue with the “hair icon” part of it.
  5. 2) There were a few pretty good Photoshops too.

  6. This one from comedian Chelsea Peretti placed her in the now-iconic meme photo of Hillary solemnly checking her PDA on a military plane.

  7. Or, this "Mean Girls" reference.
  8. And, these "Texts From Hillary" updates.

  9. Not to mention this, uh, national treasure...
  10. 3) With someone of Hillary's stature, a few famous acquaintances had to weigh in.

  11. Chelsea and Bill made it a family affair and dropped her a line.
  12. Media mogul Arianna Huffington and talk show host Katie Couric seem to be suffering from a tiny bout of Twitter bio envy (which is totally understandable).