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5 examples of humans behaving heroically

Sure, people behave heroically all the time, but it's rare to find such high-profile stories clustered together. From the teens who thwarted a kidnapping to the real-life superheroes who emerged from Comic-Con, here are five examples of humans behaving beautifully.


  1. 7. NFL Rookie 

  2. Our first addition since publishing yesterday comes from CNN affiliate WSMV. 

    Jonathan "Tig" Willard, who was signed as a Titans free agent out of Clemson this spring, helped rescue a family from their burning car on July 22. Willard was driving on Interstate 40 when he saw flames shooting from the car in front of him. According to a Clemson sports website, he sped up and got them to pull over. He then helped the mom, kids and the family's dog out of the car.

  3. 6. Worker stops attack

  4. After a women was attacked by a pack of stray dogs, a railroad worker stepped in to help, says a City of Houston Animal Control Officer. Unfortunately the woman suffered critical injuries, reports CNN affiliate KHOU.
  5. 5. One chance

  6. When a woman threatened to jump off a high-rise balcony in San Diego, many initially thought it was part of a stunt for Comic-Con, which was in full swing. Luckily for everyone, professional stuntmen were on scaffolding nearby preparing for a performance and were able to drag her to safety. 
  7. dnt stuntmen rescue woman from ledge kgtv
  8. 4. Anything but child's play

  9. Temar Boggs, 15, had a "feeling" he could help find a young girl who had just been kidnapped in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The neighborhood was in a frenzied search for 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas when he and friend Chris Garcia jumped on a couple of bikes and started following a suspicious-looking car with a young girl inside. 
  10. Following the rescue, the Facebook page "Temar Boggs is a Hero" was created. 
    Mark Spencer posted:

    "Temar, I don't know you, but I am proud of you!! I wish SO many more young men would make positive decisions like you did. You are an example of how good people are!! I am willing to bet that you've made a friend for life with Jocelyn and her family! Keep up the great work and STAY strong!"
  11. 3. Not your average commute

  12. The image restores your faith in humanity: Dozens of Japanese commuters pushing a 32-ton train up on its side so a woman, trapped between the train and the platform edge, can wriggle her way to freedom. Also worth noting, the rescue was so efficient trains were only delayed for eight minutes. This isn't the first time commuters have pitched in to save a life.

    In December 2012, a young man collapsed onto the tracks in China as a train was approaching. Waiting passengers signaled to the driver, who was able to stop before crushing the man. 
  13. Japanese commuters free woman - Video
  14. @filinion tweeted: "Wonderful news. To help a stranger, those who happened to be there working together….I didn’t think such a thing would happen today." -- translated from Japanese by
  15. 2. Zimmerman aids family

  16. Controversial figure George Zimmerman made news again recently when police say he helped a family escape their flipped vehicle. Police say a mother, father and two children were aided by Zimmerman and an unnamed second man shortly after the vehicle crashed and flipped onto its side. Zimmerman was acquitted on July 13 of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The crash happened less than a mile from where the shooting took place. 
  17. Family: Zimmerman helped rescue us
  18. While some were skeptical of such a feel-good story for Zimmerman so soon after his trial's conclusion, George's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., says the act is a "window into George's soul." 

    "He saw a need, he acted."

    @rzimmermanjr tweeted. "Our parents taught us to help, never to boast. Humility is George's finest trait." 

    The family is scheduled to hold a news conference about the accident on Wednesday.
  19. 1. Rapid rescue

  20. A passenger thrown from a raft was knocked unconscious after hitting his head on rocks and that's when a veteran river guide from Zoller's Outdoor Outfitters jumped in to pull him to safety. The guide told CNN this is his first rescue after 25 years on the river.
  21. See guide rescue unconscious rafter
  22. Falling in the river is nothing new for Zoller guests. New videos are posted to their Facebook page daily.

    Brent Tinker posted: 
    "Saw your rescue video on This is EXACTLY why you want to go with an experienced professional guide service. I know because they pulled me out after an unexpected swim."