1. 1) Military dad surprises daughter at baseball game

  2. Military Father Surprises Daughter, Reunited at Baseball Game
  3. Try to make it through this video with crying. Alayna Adams was tossing the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game on behalf of the USO when she got an unexpected surprise. She threw the pitch and the catcher took his mask off,  revealing himself to be Lt. Col. Will Adams, her father, back from a year-long stint in Afghanistan. 
  4. 2) Comfort dogs visits Boston after marathon bombings

  5. Sometimes dogs know exactly how to make you feel better. Five golden retrievers were sent to Boston in March to visit victims  of the marathon bombings. Maggie, Addie, Luther, Ruthie and Isaiah are comfort dogs, dispatched to various communities in the aftermath of tragedies. The K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs from Illinois also spent time in Newtown, Connecticut, after shootings in December.
  6. 3) Small-town police force lines up to say goodbye to K-9 officer

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  8. Last month, police officers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, gathered to say goodbye to one of their own. A K-9 officer named Kaiser that served dutifully on the force was being put down because of kidney disease. The officers wanted to treat him like any other officer, so they lined up to form an honor guard and saluted Kaiser on his final walk into the animal hospital.
  9. 4) Students organize first racially integrated prom party

  10. For as long as most remember, Georgia's Wilcox County High School hadn't sponsored a prom for its 400 students. Instead, parents and their children organized their own private, off-site parties, known casually as white prom and black prom -- a vestige of racial segregation that still lives on. That all changed this year, when a group of students decided to host the first integrated prom party for Wilcox County students. Afterward, school officials announced that going forward, the school will host a prom -- for everybody.

  11. 5) Newtown residents come to aid of Oklahoma tornado victims

  12. Driving to Springfield and followed this amazing crew for a little. Tragedy victims driving cross country to help other tragedy victims. People doing beautiful things #moore #sandyhook
    Driving to Springfield and followed this amazing crew for a little. Tragedy victims driving cross country to help other tragedy victims. People doing beautiful things #moore #sandyhook
  13. When a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma, four friends from Newtown, Connecticut, wanted to help. They were all affected by the Sandy Hook shootings and wanted to give back after so many from so far away helped their community. So they got in their truck with a trailer full of supplies and rode out to Moore. By the end of their trip, they had delivered 13,000 pounds of relief supplies.
  14. 6) Soldier helps disabled Iraqi girl -- again

  15. Almost seven years ago, Col. Kevin Brown's soldiers helped save the life of Noor al-Zahra Haider, an Iraqi girl born with spina bifida. In 2005, Brown persuaded the U.S. Army to fly Noor to the United States for critical surgery. Then she was returned to Iraq and Brown lost touch with her. He wondered over the years how Noor was faring, or if she was even alive. The answer came in March when he saw a CNN story about her progress. He was relieved — and inspired  to help send donations to her home in Baghdad last month.

  16. 7) Mexican-American boy returns for NBA encore in mariachi suit

  17. Sebastien De La Cruz was the target of numerous racist comments in June after he wore a mariachi suit to sing the national anthem during Game 3 of the NBA finals in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. But many more strangers came to his defense, including San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who praised his talent and composure, and the San Antonio Spurs, who invited him back for a Game 4 encore.
  18. 8) PS22's Moving Tribute To The Victims Of Sandy Hook

  19. PS22 Chorus -- Sandy Hook School Tribute
  20. The famous children’s choir gathered in December and recorded this moving and beautiful message to the families affected by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, once again reminding people that in the darkest moments, something really lovely and sweet can happen.
  21. 9) Buttercup the duck walks again thanks to 3-D printed prosthetic foot