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10 epic fast food fails

Papa John’s made headlines this week after a deliveryman pocket-dialed a customer during a racist tirade. Let’s look back at a few more not-so-hot fast food moments from recent memory you might have forgotten. Warning: Contains offensive language.


  1. 1) White Castle’s package problem

  2. Well, gosh, White Castle, which is it exactly? White Castle’s packaging fail started going viral a few months ago and became an ongoing joke. While it’s certainly a case of awkward labeling, it hasn't stopped people from finding it pretty darn funny. Don't worry, White Castle has apologized for the confusion.
  3. 2) The racist Papa John’s receipt

  4. Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't "lady chinky eyes"
    Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't "lady chinky eyes"
  5. New York resident Minhee Cho received this offensive receipt from a Papa John’s in upper Manhattan and shared it on Twitter. More than a few news outlets picked it up, generating enough controversy for Papa John’s to publicly apologize to Cho via Twitter. The employee responsible was also fired.
  6. 3) The 14-year-old burger in his pocket

  7. What's more disturbing than finding a 14-year-old McDonald's burger in your coat pocket? Realizing that it's in surprisingly good condition. But why did he have the burger in his pocket? That's another story.
  8. 4) The gross brain-like thing someone found in their KFC

  9. A KFC customer in the United Kingdom was taking a bite of fried chicken when he discovered what he suspected was a brain. KFC reviewed a photograph of the "unsightly" piece of chicken and concluded it wasn’t a brain, but actually a kidney. Which is still pretty gross.
  10. 5) Pizza Hut’s hot dog-stuffed crust

  11. Pizza Hut unveiled this not exactly appetizing menu item in its UK locations. It’s a pizza with hot dogs in the crust and comes with something called mustard drizzle. Apparently, over the last few years, the hot dog pizza crust has made its way to Canada and most recently China, proving no one is safe from the hot dog pizza.
  12. 6) Domino’s employee caught putting ingredients in his nose

  13. Domino’s Pizza employees Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer were arrested in 2009 after a YouTube video captured some unsavory kitchen antics. A video posted on YouTube showed Setzer putting cheese in his nose and engaging in other health code violations while Hammonds provided play-by-play commentary. The two were promptly fired and charged with “delivering prohibited foods.”
  14. 7) The McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets math problem

  15. Here’s a bit of fast food-fail-trivia for you. Count the number of Chicken McNuggets pictured on this 10-piece box. Since the discovery of the 11th McNugget, however, some have made the argument that perhaps it’s actually just one cut in half.
  16. 8) The Internet’s war against Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter

  17. It seems like Papa John’s can’t catch a break. Users on Reddit and Twitter went into full-scale Internet war last year against Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, whose net-worth at the time was $600 million, over claims that Obamacare would drive prices up 11 to 14 cents per pizza. But a CNN fact-check showed that his math was a bit off. In a January interview, Schnatter told USA Today his comments were "misconstrued" by the media and that he regretted not responding to "false stories" quickly enough.
  18. 9) Pizza deliveryman eats toppings off customer's pie