What does the shutdown mean for your money?

You asked. Our financial experts answered. #AskCNBC

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  1. All day, @CNBC has been taking your questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using hashtag #AskCNBC. In a special edition of @PowerLunch, person finance experts and market analysts get you the answers you need. 
  2. The government is shut down. The debt threat is here. What does this mean for your money? #AskCNBC! Concerned about your 401K? Question about the stock market? Ask away in the comment section. Our experts will respond on Thursday's special edition of Power Lunch at 1p ET.
  3. Question: What market signals should I be looking for? 
  4. Answer:  Jean Chatsky cautions individual investors against looking for one signal. She says your best move is to make sure you're balanced in a way that works for you. Watch the discussion below for more advice. 
  5. Tipping point for investors
  6. Question: Is it wise to pull my investments out of the market? 
  7. Answer: NYSE Institutional Broker and market analyst @KennyPolcari says, "absolutely no." Here's why: 
  8. Get out now until the debt vote?
  9. Question: What about my 401k? On Facebook, Dawn Diley asks, "For those with a sizable 401k, and less than 10 years to retirement, how does one best protect the current value of the 401k? How real is a threat of hyper-inflation here, any thing like the Russians experienced as the Soviet Union fell apart in the early 90s?"

  10. Answer: It's a matter of when you need those 401k dollars. The money that you need in 5 years can stay in your 401k, but it shouldn't be in stocks. @JeanChatzky explains: 
  11. Will the shutdown impact your 401k?
  12. Question: On Facebook, James Adams asks, "Im 30 years old. Do you think the shutdown is a buying opportunity for me? I have close to $50k in an old 401k I need to decide how to invest." 
  13. Answer: NYSE Institutional Broker and market analyst @KennyPolicari says if you're 30 years old, it's absolutely an opportunity to invest.

  14. Question: Are my money market funds safe? @Sharon_Epperson reports that Fidelity is taking precautionary steps to protect investors' money market mutual funds. 
  15. Fidelity: We've increased cash in US Treasury funds
  16. Question: How will the government shutdown impact my healthcare benefits? 

    Answer: If you're getting healthcare benefits from your employer, @JeanChatzky says you should be fine. Otherwise, call your healthcare provider for a "sanity check." 
  17. Will shutdown impact my health insurance?
  18. Question: On Facebook, Michael Cox asks, "Should I be concerned about my money in the bank?" 

  19. Yes, your money is safe in the bank: Pro