1. For starters, a stock ticker symbol is a combination of letters used to reference a particular stock. A symbol is usually one to four letters, but can be five letters, says CNBC breaking news producer Peter Schacknow, but only for specific reasons. For example, Comcast, NBCUniversal's parent company, trades as CMCSA (the 5th letter refers to "class A" shares). Numbers are not allowed to be used in a U.S. stock's ticker symbol.
  2. Many of the tweets sent included choices containing the letters found in T-W-I-T-T-E-R:
  3. We're not sure Twitter would be fond of these symbols:
  4. Respondents clearly like Larry Bird, a reference to Twitter's bird logo...
  5. $BIRD wouldn't work, one stock market aficionado tells me, since the Exchanges would not want to confuse people; $BIRDF belongs to Bird Construction Inc.

    Here are a few creative twists on the bird option:
  6. $TWTR sounds lovely, too, but it belongs to Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, which is now $TWTRQ because of banktruptcy proceedings: