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The Profit: Most Gifable Moments - "Tea2Go"

A father and son with a broken relationship are leading their tea shop franchise into dangerous territory. If Marcus can’t get them to separate their business and personal lives, tea time will be over… for good.


  1. This week, Marcus checks out Tea2Go, a father/son franchise operation in Texas.
  2. The business? It’s in $1,000,000 of debt.
  3. Their margins? Horrible.
  4. But the biggest problem Marcus uncovers is the strained relationship between father and son.
  5. Even so, he sees enormous potential. They agree to an investment of $350,000 for 70% of the business.
  6. Shortly after, things come to a head when Taylor gets drunk and is a no-show for his franchisees.
  7. Marcus introduces a new concept; American Tea and Spice Co., which is to replace the Tea2Go franchise. This is Taylor’s opportunity to step up and take charge.
  8. All is well until he finds out Taylor and Todd have been selling against the new concept.
  9. Todd decides to stay with Tea2Go, and Taylor goes with the new concept.
  10. Marcus is blown away by the effort Taylor puts into American Tea and Spice Co., and they celebrate a successful grand opening.
  11. Marcus has no doubt this concept will go far!