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The Profit: Most Gifable Moments - "Los Gemelos"

A Mexican-American’s tortilla business is being decimated by big competitors. Marcus will team up with George Lopez and the owner to develop products and make this American dream a reality.


  1. Marcus Lemonis heads to New York City to check out a local tortilla maker named Adelo.
  2. Adelo’s business got Marcus’ attention in a slightly unusual way; through George Lopez.
  3. Adelo’s factory? A disaster.
  4. His tortilla company? That loses money by the day.
  5. But his positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to keep his business alive means a lot to Marcus.
  6. They agree to an investment of $150,000 for a new Hispanic food concept. Marcus, George and Adelo each own ⅓ of the company.
  7. It doesn’t take long for Marcus to realize Adelo is keeping important information from him.
  8. In order to move forward with the deal, Adelo needs to step up and prove to Marcus that he was serious about this company.
  9. Adelo comes up with a new name and look for the company. Ta Loco is a big hit!
  10. Marcus sets up a big meeting with Sam’s Club. Earning a deal with them would ensure Adelo’s products have a home in their stores.
  11. The meeting is a success and Ta Loco earns gets an offer from Sam’s Club!
  12. Marcus is beyond proud of Adelo. He took a chance on him, and it definitely paid off.