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The Profit: Most Gifable Moments - "Bowery Kitchen Supplies"

A beloved kitchen supply store in Manhattan faces extinction after its owners’ divorce. If Marcus can’t figure out a way to get them working together, the deal may go up in smoke.


  1. Marcus Lemonis heads to New York City to check out Bowery Kitchen, a beloved kitchen supply store.
  2. The owners’ divorce has had a direct impact on business…
  3. Their lack of process has left their store in shambles.
  4. Marcus is shocked to learn that one of the owners, Howie, takes two months off a year, even when his business is struggling this much.
  5. Even with all that, Marcus sees some true potential-- they agree to a $350,000 investment for 33% of the business.
  6. First order of business- a liquidation sale. Everyone minus Howie is all for it.
  7. As soon as the renovations begin, Howie disappears. This seems to be a recurring theme.
  8. The disappearing act further angers his ex and business partner, Robin.
  9. Marcus encourages her to put her foot down with Howie, as they’re both equal partners in the business.
  10. He then implements a clear and organized process, and helps Robin and Howie select products for their store that carry high margins.
  11. After a huge falling out over hidden money, Robin and Howie try to talk out their differences.
  12. Howie finally realizes the value Robin brings to their business, and that he needs to trust and respect her decisions.
  13. Renovations are complete, and the transformation is incredible!