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The Profit: Most Gifable Moments - "Murchison Hume"

The owner of a cleaning product line is putting her business at risk with aristocratic marketing, high prices, and an unwillingness to face reality. If Marcus can’t get her to focus less on her image and more on the customer, this company is going to go down the drain.


  1. Marcus visits Murchison-Hume, a cleaning product company in crisis.
  2. Their branding? It’s a bit off…
  3. And the owner? Talking numbers wasn’t her cup of tea
  4. Regardless, Marcus sees some real potential in the product. And so, it’s time to talk numbers!
  5. The owner, Max, says she’d need at least $1,000,000 from Marcus.
  6. They eventually settle on $250,000 for 30% of the business. A deal is made.
  7. Things are looking up until Marcus finds out Max moved her products at the Container Store so they appeared to be selling better.
  8. Max and Marcus have a falling out over the direction the company is going in.
  9. It’s time to call in some reinforcement! Kathy Ireland drops by to offer advice and encouragement.
  10. Even after that, Max continues to put up a facade. Marcus gets more and more aggravated.
  11. Things come to a head when Max tries to renegotiate their initial deal. A handshake deal is a handshake deal.
  12. To make matters worse, Max goes behind Marcus’ back and turns the basement into a distribution center.
  13. The last straw…. Marcus finds out there’s $200,000 less than disclosed in inventory. Not good.