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The Profit: Most Gifable Moments - "Honest Foods"

A Chicago catering company anxious owner is taking out his frustration on his employees. Can Marcus Lemonis bring the team together so their business doesn't end up on the chopping block?


  1. Marcus checks out a Chicago based catering business in trouble - Honest Foods.
  2. Marcus finds out 80% of their business comes from the film industry.
  3. What's the owner’s management style? This pretty much sums it up.
  4. The owner is constantly in his employees’ business.
  5. Time to talk numbers ...Marcus discovered a 30% decrease in sales. Yikes!
  6. Let’s make a deal: Marcus Invests $300,000 for 30% of the business.
  7. First order of business: bringing in new revenue streams. The owner Tad, secures a food truck per Marcus’ request.
  8. Exciting for the business, but the underpaid employees were less than thrilled about the food truck.
  9. Marcus doesn’t quite understand how Tad can interfere and obsess with everyone’s role, yet neglected to get the truck inspected.
  10. Tad tells Marcus "f$%^ you!".
  11. Marcus and Tad reconcile, and move forward.
  12. Tad finally starts to allow his employees do their jobs.
  13. A storm caused some chaos.