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Twitter Reacts To Fiery Debate That Stopped Trading

Twitter lit up, floor traders went wild, and all eyes were on CNBC this afternoon as two CEOs did battle battle on live television, discussing whether or not the stock market is rigged.


  1. What we knew: "Flash Boys" author Michael Lewis would be joining CNBC's Power Lunch.
  2. What we didn't know: William O'Brien, chief executive of BATS, and Brad Katsuayama, CEO and president of IEX, would get into a heated debate on high-frequency trading.

    "Shame on both of you for falsely accusing literally thousands of people and possibly scaring millions of investors in an effort to promote a business model," O'Brien said to Lewis and Katsuayama.

    "Do you believe [the markets] are rigged?" O'Brien asked Katsuayama, "because you said it."

    "I believe the markets are rigged," he answered, "and I also think you are a part of the rigging."

    Katsuayama continued:
  3. From there, cheers and boos were heard on the sidelines at the NYSE, while those on Twitter yelled from homes and offices worldwide.
  4. Did you miss it? Catch it in all its glory here: