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The Sun Valley Scavenger Hunt

Every year, media moguls and tech titans descend on Sun Valley for a week of schmoozing hosted by Allen & Co. Conversations here could lead to mega deals in the weeks and months to come. For the reporters covering the event, it's a bit like a scavenger hunt. Here's what we've found so far...


  1. While the media M&A environment has been heating up of late, the mood at Sun Valley has been
    somewhat subdued this year. The setting, however, is anything but... 
  2. The annual schmoozevest kicked off yesterday, with everyone from Rupert Murdoch to Twitter's Dick Costolo, checking in at The Lodge for the big week. 
  3. Hooray! Vines from @jack. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any yet.
  4. No tweets either.
  5. Oh, look who we spotted at the Sun Valley bar (Duchin Lounge) last night...
  6. We also eyed Comcast's Brian Roberts, Twitter's Dick Costolo, and Amazon's Jeff Bezos.
  7. Any news so far? Pretty quiet, but we did get this tidbit yesterday.
  8. Now, here's a good question.  NOTE: Peter is not on location, but I'm sure he wishes he could be.
  9. Well, this year the reporters are fenced in (literally). However, security did bring the reporters margaritas yesterday and hot coffee this morning at 7am. That said, conditions are not so friendly for snagging soundbites. 

  10. Oh, and there's this.
  11. Wondering what this is like for the CEOs and attendees on the other side of the fence? Exhibit A: