President Obama Answers Fiscal Cliff Questions on Twitter

With the Fiscal Cliff now 28 days away, Americans are beginning to worry about their taxes. President Barack Obama will answer questions live on Twitter at 2pm EST. We will be updating as it happens.


  1. In August and October of this year, President Obama took to Reddit, a social news website, to reach voters before November's election.
  2. Now, it's Twitter's turn.
  3. Tweets signed -bo come directly from the President. Twitter users can submit questions by using the hashtag #My2K
  4. Barack Obama has been using the #My2K hashtag for several days, urging Americans to be informed about what the Fiscal Cliff could mean for them:
  5. The @whitehouse account has been promoting this tweet for the last week:
  6. CNBC's social media team will be updating this Storify as the questions and answers begin rolling in.
  7. And we're off!
  8. Question #1:
  9. Answer #1:
  10. Question #2:
  11. Answer #2:
  12. Question #3:
  13. Answer #3:
  14. In case you needed proof it really was Obama answering the questions, White House Photographer Pete Souza is tweeting pictures.