Meet the 17-Year-Old Who Is Reinventing News

Earlier today on CNBC, a very precocious entrepreneur joined the Squawk Box team to talk about his new app, Summly. Joe, Becky and Andrew were all impressed. But they weren't the only ones.


  1. First of all, what is Summly? It's an app that allows users to quickly consume online content in summary form. Founder Nick D'Aloisio hopes to disrupt the mobile media landscape. Don't take my word for it. Here he is on Squawk:
  2. Transforming How We Consume News
  3. Nick immediately made friends with the folks on set.
  4. And once the interview kicked off, the tweets started pouring in.
  5. Nick's talent wasn't lost on some of our own CNBC anchors and reporters.
  6. Summly is just getting started. Right now, it's only available for iOS, but will be expanded to accommodate Android platforms. And, Summly hopes to offer summaries in French, German, and Spanish by year's end.
  7. That's right folks. He's only 17. Do we have the next Mark Zuckerberg on our hands?