CNBC's Top Vines

From e-cigs at the New York Stock Exchange to the most expensive car in the world, these are the CNBC Vines you can't miss. [Editor's Note: To turn on the volume, click the sound box above each Vine.]

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  1. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse has a top speed of 255mph, and recently stopped by CNBC for a special showing. Want it? You can wake up in this new Bugatti for as little as $2.5 million.
  2. You can wake up in this new #Bugatti for as little as $2.5 million. #cars #auto #cnbc
  3. Pre-Squawk on the Street appearance, Nick Cannon shoots a wink to Mad Money researcher Nicole Urken.
  4. Nick cannon at NYSE -- wink !!
  5. #TwitterRevolution host Carl Quintanilla demonstrates the power of the CNBC makeup team.
  6. In the summertime, NYMEX traders clear the floor like there's no tomorrow, says Senior Commodities Corespondent Sharon Epperson.
  7. NYMEX traders clear out fast when floor trading ends.
  8. The cameras flash for "Jobs" star and Twitter pioneer Ashton Kutcher at the NYSE.
  9. Cameras flashing for "Jobs" star Ashton Kutcher. #nyse #cnbc
  10. CNBC LA Reporter Jane Wells is never afraid to get down and dirty for the sake of journalism. Here she is sneaking into Delta's new "Business Elite" seats. (Go Jane, go!)
  11. I snuck into Delta's new Business Elite seats. $DAL
  12. Street Signs co-host Brian Sullivan shows that he has quite the pre-show preparation routine. 
  13. Normal pre-show prep
  14. The CNBC social media team participated in the #VineCatch meme, giving you a sideways tour of the CNBC Newsroom.
  15. howto #vinecatch (dropped by Luke Leifeste)
  16. Golf legend Phil Mickelson keeps it cool behind-the-scenes at Post 9. (Nice hardware, Phil!)
  17. The great Phil Mickelson, at Post 9. @CNBC @Squawkstreet #TheOpen
  18. Spike Lee peers into the Vine-iverse for the first time.
  19. And finally, Lorillard Tobacco CEO Murray Kessler lights up an e-cig on set at the Stock Exchange. 
  20. The CEO of Lorillard lights up an e-cig on the @CNBC set.
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