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Brands using #CincoDeMayo to market products


  1. Toblerone put a sweet twist on the holiday's traditional chips and salsa option.
  2. Hellmann's made sure to highlight the importance of their product's role in the day.
  3. While Dunkin Donuts and Steak n Shake took the opportunity to draw some eyes to their most festive products.
  4. Alfac opted to celebrate Taco Tuesday with a side of maracas.
  5. Petco got the "pawty" started with a cat in a sombrero...
  6. ... but Snuggle Bear was already set for his afternoon siesta.
  7. Steve Madden, Victoria's Secret and Lilly Pulitzer stuck to what they know best.
  8. KitKat gave us a dancing cactus.
  9. And "the happiest place on earth" put the spotlight on one of their Epcot pavilions.